The Organizing Committee

Karen Bennett

karen bennett

Karen Bennett has a MA and PhD in Translation Studies (U.Lisbon) and is Assistant Professor at the Nova University of Lisbon (FCSH-UNL), lecturing on the various Translation programmes. She is also a member of the Centre for English, Translation and Anglo-Portuguese Studies (CETAPS), where she coordinates the Translationality strand. Her research interests include: translation and the transmission of knowledge; translation history and theory; translation and performativity; lingua francas, multilingualism and linguistic hybridity; language and power; and intersemiotic translation.

Angelo Cattaneo

angelo.pngAngelo Cattaneo (PhD EUI, Florence) is a Senior Research Fellow of the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (« Investigador FCT ») based at the FCSH-UNL.

His research revolves around 2 main topics: 1. The cultural construction of space from the 13th to the 17th century, by studying cosmography, cartography, travel literature, and the spatiality of languages and religions; 2. The history of cultural exchanges between Europe and Asia, with a focus on languages, religions and scientific practices at the interface of trade and mission within the Iberian Empires.

Gonçalo Fernandes

gonçalo fernandes.pngGonçalo Fernandes is Assistant Professor with Habilitation for the Higher Teaching at the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, in Vila Real, where lectures curricular units of Language Sciences. He is an integrated researcher of the Center for the Studies in Letters (CEL), headquartered at UTAD, in the domain of the History of the Language Sciences (HoLS) and Missionary Linguistics (MissLing). His last publications are focused on the syntactical concepts in the “Portuguese” treatises of the end of the medieval era and the beginning of the early modern period in Portugal, and the linguistic works by the missionaries under Portuguese patronage in Angola, Mozambique, India, Japan, and Vietnam. Currently, he is the Director of CEL and the President of the Pedagogical Council of the School of Human and Social Sciences (ECHS) of UTAD. For further information, see his CV on Degóis or ORCID.

Rogério Puga


Rogério Miguel Puga (b. 1974) holds a PhD in Anglo-Portuguese Studies, and is an Assistant Professor at the New University of Lisbon, and a researcher at CETAPS. He was Assistant Professor at the University of Macau, and he has also taught at the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon (ESCS and ESE), at ISEC, and at IADE. His research interests are: Travel Writing, Post-Colonial Studies, History of the Portuguese and British Empires (Asia), Anglo-Portuguese Relations in Europe and in the South of China (Macao and Hong Kong).


João Luís Lisboa

joao luisJoão Luís Lisboa é professor catedrático em História e Teoria das Ideias no Departamento de Filosofia da FCSH, UNL. Foi Visiting Professor na Universidade do Piemonte Oriental (Vercelli) e na Unicamp (Campinas, Brasil). Entre 2004 e 2014 dirigiu o Centro de História da Cultura (CHC) da UNL onde coordenou a linha de investigação “Livro e leitura”. Actualmente faz parte do grupo “Leitura e formas da escrita”, no CHAM, onde é sub-director. Tem-se dedicado essencialmente a problemas de cultura no Portugal moderno, em particular a relação entre formas e significados na comunicação no século XVIII. Dedica-se também a questões de conhecimento e metodologia na história e teoria das ideias. Ao longo da sua carreira no ensino, começada em 1982/83, foi professor dos ensinos básico, secundário e superior politécnico. É docente da FCSH desde 1989. Foi director do Instituto Português do Livro e das Bibliotecas.